Celebrating Alex’s Birthday

Things were a little bit more low key this year seeing as it was just Alex and I for his Birthday but we made the most of it! We spent the weekend doing all his favorite things. We started by going to Ground Kontrol(a local arcade and bar, pretty much his dream place, right?) and mostly played the pinball machines. This was my first time there and I have to say it was pretty awesome!  They had cheap food, and a 3 dollar amazing root beer float. They also had one of Alex’s favorite beer and I think a pint was 3 dollars as well.

l     ffl

They had a really great selection of games as well, but those never seemed to stay open for long. They had Mario Kart and there was someone playing with people waiting every time we went to look. I definitely want to go back and try that out!

We also had dinner at Alex’s favorite place to eat, Boxer Ramen. And I’ll admit, the food is really really good.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


This is the Spicy Pork Miso. My favorite!




Then on Monday(his actually birthday) we celebrated with burgers at our favorite local burger place, Dick’s Burgers. This is seriously one of the best burgers I have ever eaten. Plus they pride themselves on offering local 100% grass fed beef and making the healthiest choice. We probably eat here at least two times a month. Plus their desserts and milkshakes are incredible. Can’t go wrong! This is where I would share a picture, but I always start eating the second my food comes because it is so good. Oops.

When we got home we had cake, dark chocolate with cream cheese frosting.



IMG_1470 IMG_1472IMG_1473


^ Alex started to worry he was going to set off the smoke alarm which, as you can see, also worried Oscar. But then Oscar was just ready for some cake. Seriously laughed until I cried at this pictures.



Here’s to you, Alex. Happy 27th Birthday! I love you dearly.



And here is a bonus picture.


Oscar deep in strategy.



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